Exhibition HULA DREAMS


Gallery East in Clovelly has held 3 group exhibitions - Hula Dreams.

It started as a small idea of painting ukuleles and as enthusiastic artists came on board the event grew to be HUGE

Complete with a street closure to accommodate the crowd and live music - ukuleles of course, hibiscus and loud shirts the show in the gallery exhibited decorated and embellished ukuleles from around Australia and some international offerings as well.

In Hula Dreams Ro produced a limited edition of unique tea towels that could double as a hula skirt.

Hula Dreams 2 - another tea towel design as well as a carved ukulele "Re-leaf"

Hula Dreams 3 - "Pearl of Oceania" was created and snapped up pronto by a quick ukulele enthusiast

Carol Ruff (aka Coral Reef) and Greg Weight are working on a book to commemorate these landmark events of the Sydney art and music  landscape